Hot Paper Éditions

Hot Paper Éditions was born from our desire to develop an art publishing department within our creative agency, Pepper Only. We wanted to combine our passion for great artists with that we have for paper, which can offer us such beautiful things. We wanted to produce very personal artworks that could not only be viewed but also touched, exhibited, kept, and collected — and thus, awaken the senses and bring pleasure.

We still love paper. We love the idea that it can be printed, silk-screened, or pressed in a letterpress printing process, and thereby acquire subtlety or sharpness. We like the way inks are rendered, and the way they surprise us sometimes. We don’t fear difficulties.

We are launching Hot Paper Éditions together with our first production, A Playlist in Pictures.

Each project will be an opportunity for us to compare and contrast our vision of an artist who inspires us with that of his fans, while bringing delight to lovers of beautiful prints.

Olivier Jourdanet & Ronan Blanchard