David Bowie, A Playlist in Pictures

Hot Paper Éditions presents you our first luxury editions.
Born of a profound admiration for the hole artistic achievement of David Bowie and a passion for art prints, 15 original hand-printed visuals are a tribute to the artist through his work, his songs and his metamorphoses, and each of them illustrates one of Bowie’s songs.

These Artworks were hand-printed in limited edition of a thousand copies.

They are also available in a box David Bowie, a Playlist in Pictures, with a certificate of authenticity numbered and signed by Olivier Jourdanet.


An original first collection

The letterpress printing process can produce sensational designs.
It has allied a series of 28 colors and 45 runs Under Pressure of Rosa, a 1950 Heidelberg printing press, as well as hot foiling, screen printing and debossing, which is a technique to give depth to the paper by pressing it.

This array of artisanal techniques has been used to produce these 14 prints and the display stand (only available in the set), which makes each print a unique handcrafted piece.

These are printed on fine paper. Size: 15,5 x 23,2 cm (6.10 x 9.13 inch).

This is the story of a fan

David Bowie is a protean artist. His career spanned decades, musical eras and trends, and his music evolved while steering clear of fashions.

His work is outstanding in many ways. Although Olivier Jourdanet, Creative Director of the Pepper Only creative agency, is not a musician, David Bowie had a deep influence on him.

Olivier chose to share his vision of the artist, and show how Bowie’s musical path inspired him, by means of his work as a designer, namely hybrid objects born from the digital age and a passion for the printed image, his sensitivity to physical matter and the sensations it conveys.


Ashes to Ashes

David Bowie

Wild Is the Wind

Ned Washington, Dimitri Tiomkin

Battle for Britain
(The Letter)

David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels, Mark Plati


David Bowie

We Are the Dead

David Bowie

The Hearts Filthy Lesson

David Bowie, Brian Eno, Reeves Gabrels,
Mike Garson, Erdal Kızılçay, Sterling Campbell

My Death

Jacques Brel, Mort Shuman, Eric Blau

TVC 15

David Bowie

I'm Deranged

David Bowie, Brian Eno

Life on Mars?

David Bowie


David Bowie

Always Crashing
in the Same Car

David Bowie

I Can't Read

David Bowie, Reeves Gabrels


David Bowie

Let’s Dance

David Bowie